5 Inventive Ways to Use Your Virtual Assistant

Virtual Admin USA
Virtual Admin USA

Working as a virtual assistant often entails doing office tasks. This may include anything from document organization to virtual filing, email responding, and other tasks. You’ll often utilize your virtual assistant for background business chores if you have one. There are a variety of additional uses for a virtual assistant that you should think about. Here are five innovative ways to put your virtual assistant to work for you.

  1. On-site live chat

Customers may typically get a response to their problems considerably quicker than usual when they visit websites featuring live chat. A live chat assistant is one of the most effective methods to offer interactive customer support in real time.

  1. Have them approach potential advertisers.

One interesting activity for your virtual assistant might be to have them call out bloggers and celebrities to help promote your product or service. Using your virtual assistant to locate and engage with bloggers and well-known social media celebrities is a fun way to put it to work. This also enables your virtual assistant to interact with a larger number of individuals on your behalf.

  1. Have them make a commercial.

Give your virtual assistant carte blanche to create a video advertising for your business. If you have goods, have your virtual assistant come up with a few creative ways to promote them in a fun or useful way. Share these videos on your website and social media sites. Before you start uploading them, make sure the video is of good quality and has been properly edited.

  1. Create a persona on social media.

There are a lot of companies that have active social media profiles. Some Twitter accounts, such as Whataburger, often express their views on rap fights. Others, such as Spirit Airlines, often utilize pop culture references and one-line zingers from the media in their customer communications. Have your virtual assistant discuss and create a character that fits your business or product the best. This identity may be carried across to all of your social networking profiles online.

  1. Hold competitions

A good contest draws more customers and attention than anything else. Holding a contest to choose a winner for your goods and services can generate more visitors than you would expect. Make a fun contest for customers to participate with the help of your virtual assistant. To get the maximum attention, entries should utilize their social media profiles. Contests may be for anything, from dressing up as your product or service to presenting it in the most imaginative way possible. For a virtual assistant, a contest is a wonderful, entertaining activity that should be done at least once a quarter.

Finding fun and engaging tasks for your virtual assistant can keep your staff engaged and encourage them to come up with new ideas. By making the work more fascinating, you may really pique their interest in your company’s broader culture. This may be beneficial to both customers and workers. Consider being a “cool boss” to earn brownie points that will benefit your bottom line as well.

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