7 Important questions and answers to interviews with your next virtual helper

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Virtual Admin USA

Some questions are more important than others when interviewing candidates to work as your virtual assistant. Obtaining critical information about a potential VA before agreeing to hire them is critical to any business’s success. It’s a lot easier if you know what questions to ask and what answers to look for.

7 Interview Questions for Your Virtual Assistant

1) The most crucial question to ask a potential candidate is why they want the job in the first place.

Their response will reveal a lot about them and begin to reveal their attitude and work ethic. The more enthusiasm they display in their response, the better they will be as your virtual assistant.

2) Another important question to ask them is what specific lessons they’ve learned from any previous mistakes they’ve made as a virtual assistant.

A specific response should include at least one instance of the candidate making a mistake and what they did to avoid making the same error again. Their responses can sometimes reveal how dedicated they are to the job. If they appear irritated or resentful because they made a mistake, they will most likely feel the same way the next time they make one.

3) You should also inquire about the types of challenges a candidate would enjoy taking on while performing their duties.

Anyone who refuses to answer the question appears to be uninterested in challenges and is unlikely to make an effective VA. The ideal candidate will describe how they intend to grow and learn from the challenges. This demonstrates a commitment to finish the job no matter what obstacles they face.

4) Since virtual assistants work virtually from home it is important to ask them what a typical work week is like for them.

If they can’t provide a clear and precise answer, chances are they have little or even no experience working as a VA and would not be a good choice. A good candidate for the job will explain what they’ll do and in what order they’ll do it. A virtual assistant should be able to work the number of hours needed to complete any assigned assignment.

5) Everyone has weaknesses when it comes to their professional life. Inquiring about a potential VA’s vulnerability is a great way to determine how open and trustworthy they are.

A candidate who claims to have no flaws is either lying or has an inflated view of himself or herself. In either case, they would be a poor choice.

6) A self-sufficient person can market themselves and their abilities. It’s also crucial to ask a respondent why they think they should be given the job.

If they can come up with compelling reasons to hire them, they’re a good fit for the job.

7) A virtual assistant must be familiar with the company for which they will be working.

They show they care about the job by sharing their knowledge.

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