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Managing Clients on Your Day Off: The Entrepreneur’s Dilemma

Working at an office implies being fully accessible to your customers for the most part. Most of our Virtual Assistants interact with our customers face to face, over the phone, or through email when in the office. You know deep down that you are an excellent employee who provides all of your customers with the attention they need. However, if you take a day off for personal reasons or errands, your customers may still need your services. You know you won’t have much time to devote to them since you’ll be busy with your kids, going to the doctor, or

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A Virtual Assistant’s Suggestions to a Client

We all have aspects about our customers that we don’t like. You interact with clients whether you’re a lawyer, a grocery cashier, or a massage therapist. Clients are people, and people have a lot of flaws. As a Virtual Assistant, you may work with a variety of customers, including Real Estate Agents, Financial Advisors, Graphic Designers, and others. Only email, phone, and Skype are used to communicate with them. Because you encounter customers or even supervisors on a daily basis if you work in an office, it may be simpler to address them face to face. When you converse in

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What I’ve Learned About Happiness And How It’s Helped Me Advance My Career

I particularly liked the movie The Pursuit of Happiness, which is based on Chris Gardner’s actual tale. He was a homeless guy who had been on the streets for nearly a year. His marriage was winding down. He had a difficult life. He buys bone density detectors that are portable. He makes an attempt to market them to physicians and medical clinics. He sells some of them, but not quite enough to sustain himself and his little son, whom he has custody of. His savings account is also garnished by the IRS for overdue income taxes. He is evicted due

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