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All companies have one goal in mind: to make money and spend it. If you have a virtual assistant, having them fulfill orders for goods and services for your company may be extremely simple. Virtual assistants may also buy personal services for you, such as flights and hotel accommodations for work travels, as well as organize your itinerary. It may be difficult to find out how to establish financial agreements that enable virtual assistants to perform their work to the best of their abilities. Here are some tips on how to properly manage money with your virtual assistant.

Allow them to order by saving their payment information.

Long-term customers or regular purchasers will often be able to set up a payment method in most systems. This may be in the form of a credit card stored in the system’s database, or the company could charge you and give you a certain amount of time to pay the invoice. This method works best with your virtual assistant since you will always be informed of all costs, but they will be able to handle orders quickly and efficiently.

Provide them with a prepaid card.

A prepaid debit or credit account is a great way of safety for both of you if your virtual assistant may need to buy things for the company at times. Prepaid debit or credit cards may only be used to spend the amount loaded onto the card. You may also reload a virtual assistant’s prepaid debit or credit card account anytime you need it. This is a simple way for enabling your virtual assistant to make purchases. The more confidence you have in your VA, the more you may put on the card for future use. If you’re thinking about getting a prepaid card, be sure it includes the following features:

• simple reloading system
• no/low transaction fees
• card-to-card transfer (one for you and one for your virtual assistant)

Allow them to plan their purchases up to the moment of payment.

To save time, you may have your virtual assistant arrange up the purchases all the way to the moment of payment. This may help you lock in a pricing or transaction so your assistance doesn’t have to worry about entering payment information. This will allow you to evaluate purchases made by your virtual assistant before they are made. This also eliminates the need for your virtual assistants to deal with receipts or other financial paperwork.

Take care of the finances on your own.

One of the most important business recommendations is to sign all of your own checks. You pay closer attention to the specifics of what is going out of the company coffers when you have to pay for all purchases or sign all cheques. You must be aware of the early years if you run a small company. You may stay in the black each year by signing all of the outgoing checks yourself.

Outgoing checks and purchases will be handled according to your and your virtual assistant’s preferences. When you and your virtual assistant get to know each other better and develop a long-term connection, your virtual assistant may be able to take on additional duties for your company.

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