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A Remote Assistant for Businesses on the Move

Hiring one employee for your office, warehouse or online business will cost $4,000 or more, depending on what skills you demand, the training involved and what responsibilities you’ll delegate. That figure, in other words, could reach $10,000 or more. So what if we told you one remote assistant would slash that figure considerably lower without jeopardizing quality, timeliness and other traits you require?

Considering turnover rates can reach immense heights when employees simply cannot handle telephone work, updating blogs and setting up WordPress or Joomla sites, hiring an exceptionally educated virtual assistant for one monthly retainer could save stress, money and complete any work which you’ve been wanting done for months.

I've heard this spiel before. How can I trust you guys?

Every facet of Virtual Admin USA’s business model is transparent. We’re located right in Atlanta, GA with VA’s stationed in India. Every virtual worker hired understands, reads and writes flawless English, and possesses skills beyond what traditional remote assistant companies provide. Moreover, our phone number is clearly visible, allowing anyone with questions to contact us directly.

Making sporadic business decisions can only provide two results: our business model allows interested businesspeople to contact our office before hiring anyone, reducing your risks which aren’t addressed on many freelance platforms. Instead of funding escrow accounts, releasing funds then watching your virtual assistant disappear, our monthly plan guarantees you’ll receive a trained remote assistant.

Perfect! What options are available?

Most entrepreneurs and businesses choose our convenient monthly plan which provides an incredible remote assistant around the clock. Since our VA’s work from India and operate roughly 12 hours ahead of Americans, flexibility is incredible; hire them while you’re sleeping, or they’ll work on your schedule.

Virtual Admin USA also offers an hourly plan for light usage, although you’d find monthly plans work better for even light to moderate usage. Remember, these go-getters can handle anything from phones to web designs, saving you money otherwise spent on live workers or individual projects. Feel free to contact our office prior to ordering any monthly plan offered to acclimate yourself with our company.


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