Using a Virtual Assistant (VA) During Tax Season

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The time of year when an accountant has no choice but to bury himself or herself in work is tax season. As stressful, exhausting, and intimidating as it might be, accountants are beginning to realize that having a virtual assistant working for them is a viable choice. Accountants can use this to their advantage in a variety of ways.

Shifting Administrative Tasks to the VA

During tax season, many administrative chores must be accomplished, and most accountants do not have the time to do so. This is one area where they can and should use the services of a virtual assistant. Assigning administrative work to a virtual assistant (VA) allows accountants to be more productive when it counts. A virtual assistant can keep track of each client and contact with them on behalf of the accountant. They can also assist accountants to prioritize their workload by preparing files for potential clients.

Simple data entry is something simple data entry is a necessary aspect of any accountant’s job. Data entry, on the other hand, can be arduous and time-consuming. Data entry is a skill that VAs are always educated in, and they should be competent and willing to step in and complete the task anytime it is required.

During tax season, clients who have questions or concerns for their accountant must frequently wait for a response. All clever accountants take advantage of having a VA come in and act as a customer service agent. They can address basic questions, concerns, and complaints and only refer them to the accountant if they can’t. A VA who focuses on customer service will frequently do a better job than a stressed-out accountant who is juggling all of their responsibilities.

VA Provided Tech Support

If an accountant has a computer problem, whether it’s hardware or software, they might not have time to solve it. A good virtual assistant will be able to help an accountant with both hardware and software issues. This saves accountants the time and effort of having to contact technical support to discover a solution to their issue. During the extremely hectic tax season, this might be a critical part of being able to effectively serve each client.

Manage Scheduling

It is inevitable that accountants will have to meet during tax season, accountants will inevitably have to meet with their customers. This can result in an accountant having a hectic schedule that they are unable to manage. A virtual assistant can manage their schedule and ensure that nothing falls through the cracks and that all tasks are completed accurately and on time. When time management becomes a problem, an accountant may find himself or herself in serious trouble. Having a VA can help to solve this difficulty.

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