Top VA Hiring Mistakes Made by Newbies

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A virtual assistant can be a bit of a mystery. When you employ someone over the internet, you will meet a variety of people. When seeking to employ a virtual assistant, it’s not unusual to make beginner blunders. Here are seven blunders to avoid while looking for your new assistant online in order to have a more pleasant experience.

Speak to the person you wish to hire

Making a false résumé is an age-old method for some people to acquire a job. You should talk with the individual, either over the phone or by a technology like Skype, to ensure that they are who they claim they are. You can get a better sense of who they are, their professionalism, and whether or not they are who they claim they are by chatting with them.

Not doing a background check

You should do a background check on every person you select to recruit. If you have to trust the individual with sensitive corporate information or goods like a company mobile phone, a background check is required. A background check is required to determine whether or not the individual is trustworthy. Make sure your potential assistant agrees to a background check by signing a waiver.

Not performing a technology check

While your assistant may have the right demeanor, they must also possess excellent abilities. Perform a test run to ensure that your virtual assistant understands how to operate the systems you require. Give them a try if you need a virtual assistant to handle WordPress, Hootsuite, or other apps.

Hiring an assistant who is flaky

One of the most difficult concepts to comprehend is determining whether or not your helper will be available each day when you want assistance. When you need them the most, certain helpers may appear to be “off the grid” and only arrive at random. Offer a trial period of a week or two to see if your helper will be available on a regular basis. They will be an excellent bet if they are always available.

Hiring an assistant who used jobs as a stepping stone

Some assistants will accept a job with you as a stopgap measure rather than staying on the job permanently. Changing aides on a regular basis consumes time and becomes more of a bother than a benefit. To avoid this, stay away from those who have a history of job changes on their CV. Choose someone who enjoys working as a virtual assistant.

Expecting too much too soon

It’s easy for business owners to forget that others don’t know nearly as much about their company as they do in such a short period of time. Allow your assistant time to become familiar with your brand, business, and ideals. Remember to offer your helper a crash course on what you’re attempting to achieve before getting down to business.

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