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A Virtual Assistant Can Save You Thousands


Executives enjoy morning coffee, light errands and phone call monitoring from personal secretaries. In fact, secretaries are perhaps the most appreciated professionals today, the reason they’re given one April day all to themselves. Today’s shift in executive paradigms meant the birth of the virtual administrative assistant, the staple of 24/7 Virtual Assistant.

We provide proficient virtual assistance to web professionals, executives near and far, small businesses and anyone that needs fast-paced tasks completed while they’re drawing new customers. Whether typing, transcribing, phone call dictations or word processing is needed, our professionals are prepared to meet your needs.

How does our Virtual Assistants work ?


With videos and audio needing to be turned into text, someone must handle what you simply cannot. Dictation takes accuracy, sleight of hand and the ability to quickly double-check work, which any skilled virtual assistant can quickly handle. From there, you can use your content for presentations, blog posts and similar needs.


Presentations could make or break an angel investor's decision to fund your business plan. They could also peruse interest of new clients if properly designed. It takes exceptional knowledge for any virtual executive assistant to handle these presentations, from the design phase to putting finishing touches on your slideshow.


Preparing to enter products into foreign markets, but lack formal knowledge of who's moving within your industry? Let one skilled virtual assistant handle researching industry facts, preparing market analyses while putting data into perspective before jumping headfirst into something that may ruin you.


Internet marketing, developing your opt-in email list and anything else related to virtual business can be handled properly without losing ground. Moreover, these tasks can be handled affordably when hiring 24/7 Virtual Assistant professionals since our program runs monthly, and is cancellable anytime.


Ok, but how is this saving me money?


Consider your business expenses when operating ‘live’ businesses: you’ll need an office, someone to handle tasks which you cannot complete (or don’t know how to), fax machines, telephones, supplies for you and your assistant and, of course, a preset salary for your trusty steed. Costs rack up fast, meaning your new venture begins its inaugural year in the red. A virtual assistant changes everything for you.

Salaries, 401k, insurance, paid time off and ‘perks’ can be erased. Supplies, such as extra telephones, and office supplies are eliminated. Moreover, training your assistant takes time away from other activities you must accomplish daily. In other words, you get one complete package that can be terminated anytime you wish without having to pay one dime of unemployment insurance thereafter.


How can I be sure the virtual assistant assigned to me is qualified for the position?


Every virtual assistant hired by our company is thoroughly interviewed, tested for skills and never fails to respond after being assigned to professionals like yourself. Because we handle paying VA’s every week, your reasonable monthly fee goes towards one simplified secretarial solution that’s proven. Should your business falter, money become tight or you simply want someone else, cancel anytime or downgrade to something more affordable.

Calling us or contacting us via online form can further subside your fears, help you see benefits in hiring our professional secretaries you probably weren’t aware of, and will reveal our pricing structure. Since you’re able to cancel your contract whenever you deem fitting, we challenge you to try a virtual assistant for one month.


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