What I’ve Learned From the Baby Boom Generation, And How It’s Helped Me Advance in My Career

Virtual Admin USA
Virtual Admin USA

Baby Boom was a charming comedy/drama starring Diane Keaton that was released in 1987. Keaton portrays a shrewd New York City entrepreneur. She’s climbing the corporate ladder when she receives a newborn daughter from a distant cousin. She is initially uninterested in the baby and attempts to place her with an adoption agency. She, on the other hand, becomes connected to the kid and chooses to keep her. She attempts to balance her hectic job with being a new mother, but she quickly learns that it’s not easy. Because she can no longer keep up with her coworkers, her employer treats her unjustly. She chooses to leave her job and go to the country with her kid. She prepared her own baby applesauce while living in the country. She is effective at promoting and selling it. She establishes her own company and is ecstatic to be with her daughter. The firm she worked for in New York City eventually offers her a job at the conclusion of the film. They offer to purchase her business for millions of dollars, as well as a slew of other benefits. She rejects the offer, realizing that she does not want to sell her business. She informs them that she can sell her goods on her own and that she want to stay self-employed.

Her persona inspired me since she was able to be financially self-sufficient while remaining at home with her newborn baby. She was in a much better mood this manner. She ultimately declined the extraordinary offer because she trusted in herself. She has the fortitude and drive to succeed on her own. It demonstrates that if you want something bad enough, you can make it happen. It motivated me since I wanted to raise my kid and be at home with her when she was born. I didn’t want to send her to a childcare center. I looked online for work-at-home opportunities. Of course, there are many frauds out there, but I happened across the virtual assistant profession. It sparked an idea in my mind since I have a lot of administrative experience and operate effectively on my own. I did a lot of research and applied to a lot of virtual assistant businesses. I was relieved to discover a Virtual Assistant who was available 24 hours a day, seven days a week. It was fantastic since it enabled me to remain at home with my family while still contributing to the household’s income. I’ve worked for a variety of clients and set my own hours. So that I may spend meaningful time with my family, a part of me might be there at all times.

Since then, I’ve discovered that I’m an unintentional Small Business Owner. I didn’t start out intending to operate my own company, but as I met more customers, it seemed to be the way things were heading. When I first began, telecommuting was unheard of as a “real career,” despite the fact that it now employs over 44 million people in the United States. I’d spend hours upon hours, sometimes in the early hours of the night, poring over potential employment leads and learning how to investigate them as a solid business using BBB and Attorney Generals, and so on. I was beating my head against my desk, seeing my money account shrink, searching for methods to make myself stand out among the millions of other individuals trying to start something similar to my own efforts. All of this while being urged to go back to work and quit messing about. My relatives and friends warned me over and again that this was a lose-lose scenario. They advised me to acquire a “real job.” My daughter, who was ten at the time, then gave me a briefcase as a Christmas present and told me she was proud of me. That young child looked beyond what everyone else was concerned about to my resolve. Do you want to witness a mother who has been supercharged? That was the last straw. It didn’t happen overnight, but I dug in and made it work.

That was nine years ago, and I believe I’ve completed everything; my clientele are so varied that I like it. Syndicating real estate listings, attending web site design meetings, client meetings, assigning Virtual Assistants and setting up a meeting between the client and the VA, appointment setting, and organizing client calendars are just some of the things I do on a daily basis. Add in a couple more collection calls for another customer, and my Monday is complete. On Tuesday, you may have to look for a location and make travel arrangements. On Wednesday, I may spend the day composing blogs. Thursday could be a catch-up day, while Friday might be spent searching for new customers. And I’m loving every minute of it. I couldn’t be more pleased. Don’t get me wrong, many mornings I glance at my emails and wonder how the heck I’m going to pull it off. Don’t tell my customers, sssssssssssssssssssssss Then I take a big breath and focus on one step and one task at a time, and everything falls into place.

And it’s all due of a young girl’s love for me and the movie it reminded me of, as well as the greatest Christmas gift she could possibly offer me. Diane Keaton’s character never lost sight of the essential things in life; she never forgot why she started working in the first place.

My future job is established; being a small company owner, while never my goal, is what I will always do now, and perhaps, like that movie from 1987, my daughter will be motivated to try something new as well. I will always encourage her to pursue her dreams in life. Many individuals nowadays, particularly moms, believe that they must enroll their children in daycare and work outside the house. But that is no longer the case. If remaining at home with your children and working from home is your goal, hard work and dedication may make it a reality.

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