Why Do Real Estate Agents Adore Virtual Assistants?

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Most real estate agents figure themselves working days, evenings, and weekends. There are many tasks that make up a real estate agent’s job and handling all of these tasks alone can do them more harm than good. For this reason, many real estate agents like to have virtual assistants.

VA’s Can Create Marketing Campaigns

Marketing is a crucial part of any industry and real estate is no exception. As any agent knows, it can also take up a huge amount of their time. Virtual assistants are often experienced in marketing and can take these tasks out of the hands of an agent. Some of the marketing tasks a virtual assistant can complete include:

• Designing and distributing flyers
• Setting up voice systems for an agent’s clients
• Plan and compose real estate listings

Part of any good marketing campaign is to spread the word aPart of any good marketing campaign is to spread the word about the services one provides. For a real estate agent, this includes targeting people in their area who are looking to buy and/or sell a property. One great way to target these people is to create a flyer that lead them towards a specific real estate agent. In such a competitive industry, agents must advertise their services in order to ensure their professional success now and in the future.

Anytime the real estate agent sells a client’s home, they must have a listing created. VA can often complete this task quickly and accurately. Since every listing ideally needs a photo of the home and property for sale, VA can travel to each home and take the appropriate photos.

VA’s Can Double as Bookkeepers

Any real estate agent’s profession includes a significant amount of bookkeeping. Financial transactions between an agent’s buyers and sellers must be recorded, which a VA can perform. Calculations and figures in an agent’s financial books must be double-checked, and the agent frequently lacks the time to do so. A VA with some accounting experience can even go over the records and make any necessary changes.

Virtual Assistants Also Act as Secretaries

Real estate agents’ administrative responsibilities can readily be delegated to a virtual assistant. This covers the following responsibilities:

• Making and keeping appointments with buyers and sellers
• Sending and receiving faxes and emails
• Answering phone calls from current and potential buyers and sellers

For all of these reasons and more, real estate agents like having a virtual assistant to help them with the portions of the job that may be delegated to someone who has the time to finish them.

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