Using Virtual Assistants in Your Self-Employed Real Estate Business

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Independent real estate agents and investors are involved in many projects at any given moment. As a result, getting new listings up in a fair amount of time might be difficult. It might be difficult to find time to compare properties for a possible sale or to schedule showings. These tasks may be completed more quickly with the aid of a virtual assistant, allowing you to give better service to your potential customers.

Provide Listing Instructions

The majority of realtors post listings on numerous websites, including their own. It’s critical that the tone, structure, and details of the listings all match. Provide a template for structure when delegating this work to a virtual assistant. Include a few example postings for other property kinds as well. These will serve as inspiration for the virtual assistant to come up with new ways to make a house listing more appealing to potential purchasers.

Include the following in the template:

• Number of rooms and bathrooms• Total square footage• Special features if applicable• Recent renovations if applicable• School district if applicable• Closest major highways if applicable• Closest retail centers• Lot size or measurement• HOA or non-HOA• Dimensions of each room

These details should be retained in a format with blank spaces, unless you have a specific way in mind for listing dimensions. The virtual assistant may quickly copy and paste the template into the posting platform to fill in the blanks and add unique or creative language for a complete description of the property.

Photo Archives and Property Information on the Cloud

The amount of files that may be attached at the same time is limited in some email platforms. It is excellent to use a cloud platform for property information and images. It just takes a few minutes to upload dozens of images for the virtual assistant to utilize in each listing from an SD or Secure Digital card or Wi-Fi-enabled devices or workstations. Within the cloud system, folders may be created to keep one property’s data distinct from the others.

Scheduling Appointments Online is a program that allows you to schedule appointments online.

Keeping track of your listings may be virtually hard when you have several listings in a thriving real estate market. Allowing a virtual assistant to book these appointments on an online calendar is excellent. Notifications and reminders may both be delivered to your mobile phone. This allows you to stay on schedule and complete each appointment successfully.

You may easily check in to the appointment scheduling system at the end of the day to see all of the schedules for the remainder of the week. This gives you time to reschedule appointments that may not be at a convenient time or on a day when you have lengthy closing procedures.

For independent real estate agents or investors, virtual assistants are significant tools or assets. They can complete the typical duties that you don’t have time for. After you’ve built a solid working connection, the virtual assistant might be able to take on additional responsibilities including running comparative pricing (comps), monitoring social media sites, and generating leads for high-profile property purchasers.

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